( Pictures coming soon so please check back for a visual tour. The Countess has been extremely busy shooting content for her video stores and apologies for the delay! )

The Temple is a private, upscale studio located in Baltimore Maryland. It is fully equipped with the finest bdsm equipment and dungeon furniture by BDSMGEAR and Saxon. The Temple is the Countess’ private studio. The location is in a safe area that is well lit with private parking.

This large play space boasts three fully equipped rooms and a restroom with a shower for your convenience. Fresh towels and sealed toiletries are provided. Feel free to politely put in a request if you require something personal before your visit.


  • The Throne Room is the main room of the Temple. It is spacious enough to divide into five themed areas.

    • 1. The welcome area greets you when you first step inside the studio. Here you will find a table with light refreshments including non-alchoholic beverages and wrapped snacks. The vintage wooden table and chair is perfect for role-play scenarios and can serve as an area to dine with the Countess.

    • 2. The ‘Parlour’ area hosts a spacious leather couch complete with fur throws. Taxidermy art pieces, horns, and a cowhide rug completes the look of this area and gives it a royal feel. The parlour is a great place for foot worship and spending time serving the Countess.

    • 3.  The ‘Rack’ area hosts an imposing bondage table that weighs in at 150 pounds and is 7 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3o inches tall with 8×8 wooden legs. It is an intimidating piece with endless possibilities.

    • 4. The ‘Royal Gallery’ is an area of pure luxury. Opulent, Saxon furniture gives this space a lavish look and feel. The pillared bondage table is a custom piece designed by the Countess herself. A Bondage Wall decorates this chamber of the room as well as the Centurion bondage horse. Behind a glass case, you can view some of the Countess’ most cherished implements.

    • 5. The ‘Correction Chamber’ is an area that holds a St. Andrew’s Cross, dungeon stockade, and a high rise spanking stand. Here you will find a collection of correction implements hanging from the wall that includes the Countess’ collection of floggers, whips and paddles.

  • The Tower Room 

    • It is hidden behind a curtain, tucked away in the furthest part of the dungeon. Inside this blacked out room, a crimson wall gives a hint of dark mystery and leaves you in anticipation of what is to come. Leather implements hang from hooks as well as original DOMcult artwork, the Countess’ fetish art project. Here you will find a deluxe bondage chair as well as a bondage bench.

  • The Sissy Chamber 

    • This is the popping pink transformation room where you can kiss your old life goodbye and transform yourself into a sissy, princess or a painted whore. Wigs, heels, lingerie, perfume, jewelry, you name it, the Countess has everything that can make you feel like a woman. For those that wish to have a full makeover, Countess Nikki has a cosmetology license and can professionally paint a full face as well as teach you tips and tricks so you can execute the look at home. Packages are available if you wish to have the make-up application filmed for your own personal use for practice. Also, photoshoot packages are available with edited photos, all shot and edited by the Countess herself. Feminization goes above and beyond here at the Gilded Temple.


  • The Temple puts safety and cleanliness first. Rest assured the studio and all of its implements are 100% cleaned and disinfected after each use and time is given between sessions for proper clean up and sterilization.

  • Here at The Temple, the Countess uses only EPA-registered hospital disinfectant. All EPA-registered hospital disinfectant is safely used according to the label’s safety precautions and use directions.

  • For your safety as well as everyone visiting The Temple, blood play/blood sports are NOT permitted under any circumstance.

  • Toys are cleansed and disinfected using a five step process. 1. Toys are rinsed with soap and hot water, followed by a rinse. 2. The toy is soaked in one part bleach to nine parts water for at least ten minutes. 3. Bleach is rinsed off and toy air dries. 4. Toys are then cleansed with a medical grade disinfectant and left to air dry to complete disinfecting directions according to the label’s safety precautions and directions. 5. Toys are rinsed with water and left to air dry before being used again.

  • Glass and silicone toys are all boiled. Afterwards they are cleansed with a medical grade disinfectant and left to air dry to complete disinfecting directions according to the label’s safety precautions and directions. Toys are then rinsed with water and left to air dry before being used again.

  •  Leather toys are cleansed using peroxide and/or a medical grade disinfectant and are left to dry overnight before using again.

Privacy and Discretion

  • Here at The Temple, privacy and discretion is maintained 100%. Countess Nikki expects the same courtesy to be given back.

  • The location of The Temple will not be given until the day of your visit. The night before you are expected to confirm via  phone call or email. A generic, general location will be given as a courtesy upon request.

Temple Protocol

  • Illegal activity of any kind is NOT permitted at The Temple. Professional domination is not prostitution and and we do not offer any sexual activity, services or contact.

  • Safe, sane and consensual play and ABSOLUTELY NO SEX

  • Illegal drugs and alcohol ARE NOT permitted



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