Countess Nikki Domino is a professional Dominatrix, private dungeon owner, and fetish artist extraordinaire.

The Countess Nikki is a memorable person with a unique, eastern european look. Her form is complimented by the custom art pieces she has tattooed on her skin that profess her love of history. It is easy to see that she is a work of art herself. With a sharp-wit, charming personality, and high level of professionalism, she quickly gains the devotion of those that serve her. Once in her company you will find the Countess commands a room as if she was born into nobility.

In 2008, the Countess did her first session with her mentor, Lexi Sindel, and in 2010, she became a professional Dominatrix. Since then the Countess has lived the lifestyle twenty-four seven and spends all of her time devoted to her sadistic craft. During that period she starred in fetish films for a handful of production companies. By the end of 2013, the Countess had her own private, upscale dungeon and at the end of 2014, it has been completely remodeled with an extra room added just in time for 2015.

To kick off the new year, Countess Nikki launched DOMcult, her own line of fetish videos. DOMcult is Nikki Domino’s brainchild. To find her line of high quality, professionally edited videos, please visit the page title ‘videos’ on this website.

To learn more about the Countess and her realm, please tour the site. If you have any questions that are not answered from reading the site, please feel free to send an email to nikkidomino@gmail.com (Please allow 24 hours for the Countess to look over your email. )

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